What about new Facebook Ads Manager UI?

What about new Facebook Ads Manager UI?

New Ads Manager by Facebook continues to roll out to more advertisers.

We remember February 2019. when we noticed some reports about Facebook updating its Ads Manager interface. In April, Facebook confirmed the update. They said it was the start of rolling out the new version of Ads Manager. So far we do not know how many advertisers now have access to the updated platform, but it seems there was a bigger push last month, with more marketers confirming they can work with it.

And what are the first impressions?

Mostly positive among a lot of people, but some of them said Facebook needs to do more work. There are opinions that the new Facebook Ads Manager feels like Google Ads.

Easier and faster navigation

Updated Ads Manager interface is easier to navigate and has a cleaner look and feel than the earlier version. The new UI is simplified. It looks a lot cleaner, like the sidebar to navigate between campaigns, ad-set and ad-level with the option to pin the sidebar. Creative tools in the sidebar are helpful also to get a clear overall view of your campaign creative. New nested campaign view is great. It enables to easily see the ad sets and ads within a campaign without having to move to a different tab.

All of this improves focus and execution is faster. There are less text and fewer unnecessary buttons.

We also must not forget to mention auto-naming capabilities and improvements to reporting.

The biggest complaint with the update so far is Facebook’s decision to move ad placement options.

Conclusion – more work to do!

It would be great to be able to edit two dynamic ads at once if the assets are the same. You can do it with regular ads, but not dynamic creative. Also, it would be nice to have an update that would allow advertisers to filter by time period and only see those campaigns that delivered during a said time period.

All in all, for a lot of advertisers this is just a face-lift. There is so much more that Facebook could do to eliminate frustration and save time for people using Ads Manager every single day! A more serious update is needed.