Agency of the Year 2020

We won the Silver title in the Agency of the Year 2020 competition

We have the pleasure to inform you that our agency has been awarded the Silver title of Agency of the Year 2020! 🥳🎉

Agency of the Year by Ad World Masters is a unique digital competition which rewards agencies based on big data.

Data is at the core of Ad World Masters. In total, over 160 data points per agency are being processed by Ad World Masters AI algorithm to calculate the Agency Score which represents the quintessence of this data and gives an outlook on the agency’s potential.
Agencies of the Year 2020 competition is based on Ad World Masters’ Agency Score. All Agency Scores of awarded agencies have been manually reviewed by the Ad World Masters Team.

About competition and Agency Scores

Over the past year, based on Ad World Masters technology, they have scored and ranked over 10,900 agencies.

This competition is an opportunity to rediscover the industry from a different angle.

So, what is the Agency Score?
It represents digital and human-controlled data such as Reviews, SEO, Social, Web performance, Awards, and more. This Agency of the Year title elevates and promotes the best agencies through factual and objective data.
Ad World Masters’ mission is to match top marketers with top agencies through the use of data and our unique digital tools.

All eligible agencies had time until the 31st of December to fill in, update their data and digital KPIs to improve their Agency Score.


There are three categories for The Agency of the Year title: Gold, Silver, and Bronze as follows:

Gold for Agency Scores ≥ 9.2
Silver for Agency Scores ≥ 8.7
Bronze for Agency Scores ≥ 8.5

Klikeri scored 9.0! 💪


Among the 11,400+ agencies present in Ad World Masters database. But, only a selected few per country scored over 8.5 and received the title Agency of the Year 2020. In total 2175 agencies, about 19% of Ad World Masters agencies received a title. Overall, agencies received 105 Gold, 1168 Silver, and 902 Bronze titles.

Thank you all for supporting us! 👍🤗