Julius Meinl Happy office campaign

Case Study – Julius Meinl – global coffee brand

About the client

Julius Meinl is a leading coffee company in Austria, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe.
They are present in over 70 countries, and in addition to coffee, they are also recognized for high-quality tea and fruit preserves.
Julius Meinl serves more than 40,000 customers worldwide every day, so it was a challenge but also a pleasure to run the Happy office campaign.

The main task

The main task was to gain the attention of people who slowly but also with great caution considered returning to the office after the COVID-19 crisis and to interest them in the free Julius Meinl coffee and tea machine.

We chose two advertising platforms – Facebook and Linkedln.
Video ads, image ads, stories, messages in the inbox were aimed at leading people in companies (+15 employees), in Croatia, Poland and Romania.

All ads were linguistically tailored to selected countries, and the content, tone, and style of communication sounded friendly with an invitation to order a free coffee and tea maker for your office.

The challenge

The Happy Office campaign was to be implemented in the period after the withdrawal of crisis measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in May 2020, when the return of employees to work was expected.

In that sensitive period, there was great uncertainty about whether more people would return to work and whether companies would be ready to acquire a coffee machine.


The guiding idea of the advertising campaign was not to sell coffee but to convey to people the message of reunion and togetherness with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Thanks to the story of office togetherness with coffee, profiled target group on Facebook and Linkedln and attractive ads, the Happy Office campaign achieved its goal – companies were delighted with the idea of a free coffee and tea machine.

Before the start of the advertising campaign, we created a Happy Office landing page in English, which we then localized for each country separately – Croatia, Poland and Romania.

The page contained all the details about the campaign, calls to action “Request a free coffee maker” and a contact form that was used to collect leads.

Preparation before advertising:

Google Tag Manager setup
Google Analytics setup
FB pixels setup
LinkedIn pixel setup
Conversions setup
Audiences analysis and creation


The Happy Office campaign is conceived as a story or even better a great deal that spreads on social networks – Facebook and Linkedln and takes you to the landing landing page where you find out everything you need and order a free coffee machine.

Facebook ads

In the Creative hub, we created ads using the submitted materials.

We opted for three types of ads: Carousel, Video and Slideshow, with later addition of static photography. (photo of JM automatic coffee machine from the offer)

Key messages:

Meeting employees in the office again!
Get a free coffee maker for your office!
Why do you need a coffee machine in the office?

Julius Meinl brings a FREE coffee machine to your office! Make your working days more beautiful with proven good coffee and safe socializing at work! Request a tasting without obligation!

Campaign types:

  • Video Views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

Linkedln ads

For Linkedin advertising, we created a target group according to the location of the company and the number of employees.

Campaign types:

  • Video Ad
  • Traffic
  • Message Inbox

We used: #juliusmeinl #happyoffice #coffetime #back2office

Example of Video ad:

Example Message Inbox ad:


The total number of landing page visitors and collected leads


In relation to the set goal, the number of obtained leads was exceeded many times over. But the JM Happy Office campaign brought some other benefits:

  • Awareness of drinking quality coffee and trust in the Julis Meinl brand has grown.
  • Increased number of inquiries from a variety of JM fans in Croatia, Poland and Romania who saw ads on Facebook and LinkedIn but did not meet the required conditions. They still wanted to interact with the brand asking for other options to get JM coffee machine in their home or smaller office.
  • A new database of potential users has been created, which opens the possibility of creating new lookalike audiences and retargeting.
  • Julius Meinl was presented as a friend and comfort in times of crisis, symbolizing fundamental human values – togetherness.

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