Grand PRix 2020

Project “Pomorsko je dobro” – Winner of Grand PRix 2020 – most prestigious Croatian PR award

The project “Pomorsko je dobro” of the Split-Dalmatia County (SDŽ) is the winner of this year’s Grand PRix 2020. award in the category of public relations in regional and local self-government. The award is given annually by the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ). This is the most prestigious award in the world of public relations in the Republic of Croatia.

“Pomorsko je dobro” is an innovative and unique project of the Split-Dalmatia County (SDŽ) implemented by the Administrative Department for Tourism and Maritime Affairs of SDŽ. The goal of the project is completely transparent, responsible and efficient management of maritime assets, support to local self-government units and the introduction of order over this valuable resource, as well as its protection and preservation.

The communication strategy of the project “Pomorsko je dobro” includes activities to educate and inform the interested and professional public, as well as to encourage civic activism through personal engagement or civil society NGOs to report devastation and prevent the use of maritime property without a legal basis. During its implementation, which began in February 2019 with the establishment of a web portal (, the project has achieved excellent results thanks to joint communication and cooperation with citizens, public administration and local governments.

The project leader is the Administrative Department for Maritime Affairs and Tourism of SDŽ headed by the head Stipe Čogelj, while the project leader is Matea Dorčić with the professional cooperation of Marija Tina Hauptmann (Arhid) and the director of digital marketing agency Klikeri, Tomislav Zović.

We are proud!

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