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How to Improve Your Results with Instagram Stories Ads?

If you advertise on Instagram then you probably wondered how to get better conversions on your Instagram Stories ads?

We will show you how in this article some tips and trick! Keep on reading!

Difference between Instagram Feed & Stories Ads

Instagram stories are treated as a separate placement unlike a static image or video that appears in the Instagram feed. The latest stories will have a highlighted circle around the profile thumbnail. If you tap the profile circle, Instagram will open a full-screen experience for the story. It can be a static image, but that is the worst choice you can make. More often it’s better to use one video or meow of them stitched together. Also, you can use a series of static images that rotate through. With Stories you have posibbility to add headlines, captions, and small graphics called Stickers.

Remeber, Stories don’t stay on your Instagram profile unless you save them as highlights.

Benefit of Stories Ads

Instagram story ads pop into the viewer’s experience. Users can’t avoid the ads as easily as when they’re scrolling through the feed.

Here are examples of Instagram feed ad and story ad:

Here’s an ad as it shows in the Instagram feed:

Instagram Stories Ads

Take a look at how the ad automatically renders in Stories:

Instagram Stories Ads

The differences are pretty notable. Please remember that your primary text will be placed into the story. So, if the text is long, it will look cramped and truncated in the Stories ad. This is very noticeable and usually, it tells us that the creative we’re seeing is the same creative running in all of the advertiser’s other placements.

Step 1: Creating a Separate Ad Set for Instagram Stories Ads

Try using a separate Ad set for Instagram Stories ads. This way you will isolate your creative tests, as well as allocate budget to optimise performance.

Usually, when you create an ad, Stories is checked by default.

Instagram Stories Ads

Let’s see what is the difference when you focus or you don’t focus on just the Instagram Stories placement when creating an ad. The setup and options will look the same in both cases until you pick your asset.

If you select the Video option in a default creative setup, here are the fields that you’ll see:

Instagram Stories Ads

But if you have an ad set where the only placement checked is the Instagram Stories placement, you’ll see different fields. Your text options are pared down to the Instagram ones, so the Headline and News Feed Link Description fields go away. And you get a checkbox for adding an interactive poll.

Instagram Stories Ads

Step 2: Customize Video Creative for Instagram Stories Ads

If you already have a video you want to use in your Stories ad placement, that is great. There are some wonderful built-in editing tools in Ads Manager. It can help you with your creative.

Once you select the video you want to run in your ad, click the Customize Video button to access these tools.

Instagram Stories Ads

Crop Video for Instagram Stories Ads

Landscape-oriented images and video will get squished in the story screen. This means if you are using them for Stories ads, you’ll end up with a lot of empty, unused space. If you don’t have a vertical version of the video, you can use the built-in cropping tool and try to fix it.

Instagram Stories Ads

When you preview the cropped video, pay attention to what you see because you’ll lose parts of the original video. Many cropped videos will still work just fine (and sometimes better) because the focal point is in the centre of the screen. However, make sure that parts weren’t cut out that might make the video confusing to users.

Use the Trim Tool to Tighten Up Slow Intros

The best thing is when you catch the attention of the user on the very beginning of the video. So, if your video has a long intro, try to remove unnecessary parts of the video with the Trim tool.

Instagram Stories Ads

Step 3: Use Templates – Single static photo is no good!

Single static photo in a Stories placement is not a good way to go! Why? Well, Stories is a motion-focused medium that relies on image changes to move the user experience along. That’s why!

If you have still image that is not vertical, you will loose engagement due to size.

Take a look what happens when you put a photo in landscape orientation into a story.

Instagram Stories Ads

Still images also feel unnatural when viewed in Stories. Staring at the photo and waiting for it to time out interrupts can be very annoying because IG Stories are supposed to be fast-paced user experience.

When you create a Stories ad the best thing would be to compile your images into a slideshow (video) or choosing one of Instagram’s video templates. Both approaches create a more dynamic user experience that feels native to the Stories placement.

Create a video

To create a video, start by uploading the images you want to work with and then click Use Templates in the Turn Your Image Into a Video section.

Instagram Stories Ads

Now you can use your imagination and try to be creative! In the Video Creation Kit window, you can find pre-made templates. These are eye-catching animations that you can drop your photos into and with text you can modify to call out your offers.

This option is particularly great if you have multiple images. You can assemble them into a user-friendly template and quickly start testing what is good for you.

If you don’t have multiple products or you have only one photo, no problem!! After you select a Vertical template, Facebook will take your small landscape image, cut off the sides, and zoom in on the middle with a slow pan.

Instagram Stories Ads

If you click the Customize button, you can modify these fields:

A headline, which appears in the middle by default
A text overlay that initially shows on the bottom (that’s usually where you place your call to action, like Shop Now)
Your chosen logo
For each line of text, you can choose from several fonts, text colors, and a background color that goes behind the text in a strip.

Instagram Stories Ads

Here’s an example of what it looks like if you modify the standard white font with transparent background.

Instagram Stories Ads

Be careful! If you have light-coloured photos, the default white text is going to be lost on the screen, and you may need to spend time finding colour combinations that look natural with the photo.

Step 4: Add Interactive Polls in Instagram Stories Ads and Improve Engagement

If you want to build a remarketing list of users who interacted with your Instagram ads adding an interactive poll to your Stories ads is a great way to go! Remember that the poll option is available only if your placement is only set to be Stories at the ad set level setup.

Instagram Stories Ads

When you set up the ad creative, click the Add an Interactive Poll option to reveal the options below.

Here’s what an interactive poll looks like. Users can tap one of the options to answer your question!

Instagram Stories Ads

Please be aware of:

– You can run a poll for videos or static images, but not if you animate a still photo.
– You can’t change the font colour for the poll. It’s always white. You can move the sticker placement or change its size, but it will change the font size and location to match.

While interactive polls can feel a little labour-intensive to set up, they’re a great way to interact with your customers,. You can find out their opinions on pretty much anything you can think of.

Would you try Instagram Stories ads?

Running Instagram Stories ads can feel a little overwhelming because there are a lot of options and combinations of creative to test.

If your spend isn’t that high, you won’t notice this as much, but the volume of ad availability for Stories isn’t (yet) what they have on the Instagram and Facebook feeds. For this reason, watch your ad frequency closely in case Facebook starts serving your Stories ads to the same users too often trying to hit your budget.

Remember, Stories creative needs to be changed out faster. This makes Stories a higher-demand creative placement in terms of the time you put into it since you’ll need to plan to iterate new creative every week or so.

Stories ads are perfect for showcasing your brand, personality, and offerings in a way that takes your user on a more unique journey than your typical ad.

Use it with confidence!