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What role will AI have for Digital Marketing in 2020?

Being a digital marketeres in 2020. it is crucial to be attentive to the trends and technologies which can affect digital advertising and marketing. A well-known saying is “time flies,” and this is equally applicable to consumer interests. These interests are constantly changing and are getting harder to understand inherently. Previously, voice search optimization, artificial […]

Why Hyper-Personalization is Key for Marketers in 2020?

In the words of Malcolm Gladwell, marketers in 2020 have finally reached the ‘tipping point’ where scalable hyper-personalization of marketing activities is not only possible, but is rapidly becoming a requirement in order to stay up with evolving consumer trends. The shift to more towards personalized, targeted shopping experiences is largely due to the advancements […]

Top 10 digital marketing predictions for 2020

What are the changing consumer behaviours, new technologies, and industry trends that are set to disrupt marketing in 2020? Google marketing and advertising leaders from across EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) share their digital marketing predictions to give you a competitive advantage at the start of this new decade in marketing. Snackable video […]

2019 Top Social Media stats – check this fascinating numbers

Here some really interesting Social Media stats. You can use this information to help guide your marketing efforts, determine which social channels to focus on, and inform your social media strategy. Facebook Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in 2004. During creation, Facebook was only limited to Harvard students but was later available […]

How to Improve Your Results with Instagram Stories Ads?

If you advertise on Instagram then you probably wondered how to get better conversions on your Instagram Stories ads? We will show you how in this article some tips and trick! Keep on reading! Difference between Instagram Feed & Stories Ads Instagram stories are treated as a separate placement unlike a static image or video […]

How to use Ads to get real Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a great platform. After nine years, just look at this fascinating Instagram statistics: Over 1 billion monthly active usersMore than 600 million daily active users500 million daily Stories usersSince launch, more than 40 billion photos have been sharedOn average, 95 million photos are uploaded dailyApproximately 4.2 billion likes per dayMost Instagram users are […]

Small Businesses Product Catalogs for WhatsApp Business

Raise you hand who doesn’t use WhatsApp! :) (assuming you are not Chinese :) )So, it is pretty obvious how this FB application is more than suitable for small businesses, especially now with this new functionality enabled – catalogs in the WhatsApp Business app! WhatsApp product catalogue is finally here!Now It much more easier for […]

Audience Overlap on Facebook and How To Avoid It

If you ever done some Facebook advertising then you probably heard about Audience overlap. It can affect your ability to reach your target audience and it can increase your ad spend. Let’s dive in a little so we can answer questions like what audience overlap is, how to know if it is even happening in […]

Holiday marketing – gain an advantage over the competition!

Social media is kicking a** right now! It is more noisy & competitive than ever! The holidays offer a perfect opportunity to step up and gain an advantage over competition. It Is all about people’s emotions! During the holidays users are actively engaged with a combination of excitement and nostalgia. If you can exploit this, […]

Creative options for Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to promote your business. When you create ads from your Page, you can use images, videos or a combination of both.Look at the list below to see creative formats and what they look like. Single image A single image is a stand-alone image that appears on your ad. Use […]